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How do
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for Saluki studies?


Your tax-deductible donations, made payable to SHR Inc, should be sent to

MaryDee Sist DVM
1629 Meech Road
Williamston, MI 48895



SHR, Inc. would like to thank the following
for their support

Basket Raffle was held at the 2016 SCOA National Show. Thanks also go to Monica, Stephanie and the SCOA board for including SHR, Inc. as a recipient of half of the fund-raising efforts. Many thanks go to Sue and Judy for soliciting donations and artfully displaying the 27 raffle baskets which were judged on how well they represented their state. The Raffle would not have been such a success without the folks who generously contributed items and those who purchased raffle tickets.

The OKI Gazehound Organization donated the profit from their 2015 lure coursing trials, at the request of their member, Lea Anne Broseus.

Thank you to the American Saluki Association for holding and donating a portion of the proceeds of the ASA Annual Celebration Auction to SHR, Inc. Thank you to the ASA officers and board members for including SHR, Inc. as a recipient of their fund-raising efforts. Many thanks go to Cathy Chapman and her dedicated team of auction workers for soliciting donations and artfully displaying the auction items. The success of the auction speaks to their efforts. Major thanks also must go to those who contributed items and the generosity of those bidding on the items in the auction. Your support is really appreciated. This thoughtful donation will help fund Saluki cancer research projects. How sad that cancer takes too many of our ancient breed too early; hopefully, these endeavors will help decrease the incidence in future generations.

American Saluki Association 2016 and 2015 Celebration Auction as well as 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010 ASA Celebration Auction proceeds

On behalf of Sue Meier, President of PHAST (Philadelphia Area Sighthound Trials). Club proceeds of $875.00 were donated to SHR
as designated by members due to dissolution
of the club.

Willamette Valley Saluki Club

All Saluki Fun Match raised $400 for the research efforts of Saluki Health Research, Inc. A great time (with food, prizes and fun events including an auction) was had at the All Saluki Fun Match, sponsored by the Society for the Perpetuation of the Desert Bred Saluki, and held on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri. Special thanks go to the organizers (Cyndee, Jeanie, Stephanie, Maureen and Susan) and the judge (Gretchen Bernardi) since without their efforts, none of this would have been possible. Thanks also to the SPDBS for generously providing the match ribbons and Mary Beth Halsey-Rogers for providing the Best in Match trophy. Thanks to the following donors and entrants: Jay Kappmeier, Becky Sphar, Melanie Mercer, Stephanie Gamble, Sara Long, Roth and Kevin Roth, Don and Karen Magee, Jonneth Santschi, Susan Schroeder, Ellie Case, Jamey and Scott Lambert, Leo Wagstaff and Sharon Kaschner, Teresa Vogelsang, Maureen Wheeler, Betsy Cummings, Mary Beth Halsey-Rogers, Jeanie Rhodes, Cyndee Hahn and Bev Bell.

The annual silent auction and raffle held in July at the ASA Celebration of the Saluki is a huge success. Thanks to the efforts of Chairman Cathy Chapman and her team of dedicated workers, and the generosity of the attendees, $1151.08 in 2009, and $1437.50 in 2008, was contributed to SHR in honor of MaryJane Helder.

American Saluki Association Celebration of the Saluki 2007 Silent Auction. Thanks to the board members of the ASA, and especially Jeff Lipps and chairman Suzanne Forsyth, for holding the silent auction at the annual ASA Celebration of the Saluki Dinner held in Lompoc, CA to benefit both Saluki health and rescue. Through the efforts of Christine Lewis, MaryJane Helder, and other dedicated workers and to the generosity of item donors (over 150 items were auctioned) and attendees, the auction was an outstanding success. $1429.50, which was one half of the proceeds generated during the event, was sent to further the mission of Saluki Health Research, Inc.

Thanks to the SCOA and generous supporters (Saluki clubs who donated the baskets as well as the bidders), the raffle held at the SCOA 2006 National Specialty was a huge success. Saluki Health Research, Inc. received half the proceeds ($450.02) to help fund research efforts involving our unique breed.

The SHR/SCOA Silent Auction, which was held October 21, 2005 at the SCOA Western Regional, was a great success. Our heart felt thanks to all who participated by donating and bidding on items. We'd also like to extend a giant thank you to Suzanne Forsyth, Sharon Walls, Vicky Clarke and Susan Schroder for their donation of time and energy to ensure this auction was a success. Your generosity is truly amazing!

Our thanks to STOLA for generously continuing to donate proceeds from their eBay Saluki Health and Welfare auction.

STOLA's 2005 Fall Fundraising Auction
This auction benefits Saluki Rescue. Have fun shopping or donate an item to the auction.
A special thank you note regarding the Online Auction 2000

Stone Saluki Raffle. Evelyn Andrew reports, "Great news. Thanks to you Saluki friends, the raffle raised $1338.00. That is $272 more than last year's raffle. The proceeds will be divided equally between STOLA and SHR . . . good for Salukis! Congratulations to the winners, Maryann Lillemo who won the four foot skinny Saluki and Don Powell who won the sitting smooth Saluki. Thank you all for your generous participation in the raffle at Lexington benefiting Salukis. I wish each of you could have held the winning ticket, but you're all winners through helping Salukis."

Empire Saluki Club

Many thanks to Sharon Kinney and the members of San Angeles Saluki Club for holding a silent auction to benefit Saluki Health Research, Inc. at their specialty on July 23, 2004. $1002.00 was raised to further investigate the cancer incidence in Salukis. The auction, which featured Saluki treasures from the estate of Connie Mendosa, was successful due to the generosity of the following who donated items or cash:
Fritz Mendosa, Sharon Kinney, Lyndell Ackerman, Cathy Chapman, Cori Solomon, Monica and Tom Stoner, Ann Mary Pine, Ruth Glunt, Starr White and Eric Steele.
The winning bidders included: Lyndell Ackerman, Michael Bell, Kim Morrison Anselmo, Suzanne Forsyth, Ann Mary Pine, Barbara Hamilton, Pat Stephenson, Crystin Sedman, Monica Stoner, Dennis Schmidt, Afton Blake, Terry Saunders, Katrina Fleener, Elizabeth Malone, Cathy Chapman, Hilary Spense, Norm Strathdee, Ellen Nierich, Chris Lewis, Carole Beyerle, Susan Weitz, Linda Griffin, Karen Doyle, MaryJane Helder, and Jorma Hohteri.

Special thanks to Jack and Evelyn Andrew of Stone Saluki for organizing and conducting the 2004 Stone Saluki raffle. Half of the proceeds ($533.00) were donated to SHR and half to STOLA. The crescent Saluki Wind Chimes were won by Mary Ann Lillemo and Scene of the Smooth Saluki was won by Sue Lynch.

Our heartfelt thanks to the many people who donated items, bid, and gave of their time to ensure successful auctions at the SCOA's 2004 National Specialty. The Silent Auction organized by MaryJane Helder raised $1313.50. Thanks to the efforts of Linda Scanlon, Monica Stoner, auctioneer Michael Bell and the generosity of bidders, especially Jay Kappmeier, the live auction of Saluki artwork, contributed primarily Peggie Sheets, raised a grand total of $1184.75

Thanks to STOLA for generously continuing to donate 50% of their eBay Saluki Health and Welfare collaborative auction proceeds, which totaled $81.35 in 2003 and $955.50 in 2002. Saluki Health Research is deeply indebted to members of STOLA, whose efforts on behalf of the welfare of our dear Salukis will help ensure the healthy future of Salukis.

Half of the proceeds of the 2003 National Specialty Silent Auction went to benefit Saluki Health Research. Thanks to the SCOA, organizer Cynthia Brown, the contributors who donated items and those that purchased the items and made the auction a success. A total of $1,216.50 was raised for Saluki Health.

Galveston Bay Saluki Club

Thanks to Susi Burchard for donating a lovely Ruth Hess print and to Huron Valley Saluki Club for framing the print and holding a raffle to benefit SHR. The raffle raised $552.00 and the winner of the drawing held at 2001 Detroit K.C. show was Hilarie Daniels. Thanks to all the supporters. A special thanks go to Susan Schroeder for her exceedingly generous contribution to the HVSC Raffle to benefit Saluki Health Research.

Saluki Club of Canada

The OKI Gazehound Organization, a lure coursing club based in central Ohio, has contributed $100.00 to SHR as part of their profits from lure coursing trials. Thanks to treasurer K. Carol Artley and Hilarie Daniels.

Half of the proceeds of the 2001 National Specialty raffle went to benefit Saluki Health Research. Thanks to the SCOA, the contributors who donated items and those that purchased the items and made the raffle a success.

A heartfelt thanks to the Y2K auction organizers and supporters who generously added $3300.00 to benefit investigations into the health concerns of our special breed.

Thanks to The Saluki Club of Canada and all their participants, who contributed a very generous $658.30 ($1000 Canadian) as part of the proceeds of the 2000 Canadian Eastern Specialty and the Funds Chair, Janice Preiss for her efforts.

In memory of all those Salukis gone too soon, the original committee members of SIGH made a contribution to SHR. Thank you!

Thanks to the participants of the Galveston Bay Saluki Club Silent Auction held in March, 2000 for their generous contribution to benefit Saluki Health Research and to Evelyn Andrews, the auction chairman.

The Grant-A-Wish Foundation made a generous contribution to SHR. Thanks to all their participating members and especially to Tina Henry.

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