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How do
I donate samples
for Saluki studies?


Your tax-deductible donations, made payable to SHR Inc, should be sent to

MaryDee Sist DVM
1629 Meech Road
Williamston, MI 48895


In memory of Cindy Taylor and Brian Barth’s Ch. Z‘Bee’s Mazada Ali Za’har

~Anne and George Bearden, Michael and Elena Edwards, Gary Ellis, Cheryl Goodman, Beverly Griffith, Kathy Hawk, Robert Jones, Sharon Kinney, Deborah Knutson, Ute Lennartz, Lydia Licha, Maryann Lillemo, Jeff and Donna Nolten, Gary Priest, Charles Record, Susan Schroder, John Smith, Margaret Smith, Roy and Kathy Waller, Ron and Jackie Wassenaar, Gary and Susan Weitz and Patricia Wren

Stephanie and Brad Gamble in memory of Tarqui

Vicky Clarke’s Phenix Black Magic Genie, CC CM
Thanks to all who generously donated

Lyndell Ackerman’s BIS Ch Carmas Hey Jude, JC
~ Pamela Sirianni’s extended friends and family

Susan Schroder and Gary Ellis – FC Burydown Wayatte
Many made this contribution possible

Ch Tiarc Sirianni Rafala and Ch TIarc Sirianni Kandi Kane, SC
~Ron and Elizabeth Crait

Terry Smith and Dan Bunn’s Ramazhan Salukis
~ Russell McFadden

Cathy Chapman’s very special Solaris, Ch Sadik Solar Flare, CD RN JC VSA
~Lyndell Ackerman, Yvette Alley, Jak, Kathy and Thais Anderson, Pamela Arwood, Jean Beeler, Pam Braddock, Cindy Brown, Lauren Chen, Vicky Clarke, Ron and Elizabeth Crait, Stephen and Dottie Franke, Robert and Karen Frost, Stephanie and Brad Gamble, Robin and Patrick Garcia, Jim and Linda Griffin, Valarie Hamilton, Dana Holzman, Susan Jackson, Andrea Jacobs, Kathleen Jones, Tina Jumbelick, Maryann Lillemo, James and Karon Lonero, Sara and Michael Mcillan, Carol and Jerry Mowry, Barbara Nackerud, Gayle Nastasi, Georgie Paone, Sophia Pitakis and Michael Mogus, Terry Saunders, Georgette Petropoulos and Michael Popoff, Susan Schroeder and Gary Ellis, Vera Silva, Diane Srack, Cindy Taylor, Rebecca Wanamaker, Ron and Jackcie Wassenaar, Carol Waymire, Verial Whitten, Frances Zeller

Juan Carlos Vasconsellos’ BIS, World Winner 2004, Int., Am. & Car., Lat. Am., Arg., Bra. & Par. Gr Ch. Anjal Sahara Habib

Karon and James Lonero’s Ch Moshire RFR Red Sky, CC CM
From friends, family and many admirers

Anselmos, Morrisons and Forsyths’ Ch. Jamora Madeleine
Many friends and admirers send their heartfelt thoughts

Suzanne, John, Molly & Sadie Forsyth, Kim& Michael Anselmo, and Joyce Morrison’s
Jamora Smoky Quartz (Benjamin)

Mike and Elena Edwards’
Ch. Shiraz Global Storm
~Joan Aaron, Jak, Kathy and Thais Anderson, Marie Anti, Valerie Nunes Atkinson, Carole Beyerle, Suzanne Barnett, George and Anne Bearden, Cynthia Bethke, Eugene Blake and Julie Mueller, Darin Collins, Nicklas and Ingunn Eriksson, Linda Frisen and Marie Frisen, Patrick and Robin Garcia, Bill and Robin Green, Liz Guthrie, Sandra Halpin, Randy and Kathy Hawk, Linda Hopwood, Ute Lennartz, Lydia Licha, Anne Mayea, Pam Mohr, Dave and Janet Noll, Ed Panoutsos, Jennifer Rimerman, Cheryl Rosenberger, Dana Sanchez, Cindy Taylor, Robert and Pat Terry, Juan Carlos Vasconsellos, Ron and Jackie Wassenaar, Carol Waymire, Garry and Susan Weitz, Barbara Wright

Ed Panoutsos’ Ch. Arukh’s Nile Lily
~Joan Aaron, Mike and Kim Anselmo, Anne and George Bearden, Darrell and Karen Black, Michael and Elena Edwards, John and Suzanne Forsyth, Valerie Hamilton, Kathy Hawk, Sue Hewitt, Celene Howard, Susan Lynch, Sara Winsted and Michael McMillan, Ron and Joyce Morrison, Julie Mueller and Eugene Blake, Janet Noll, Jeanie Rhodes, Jennifer Rimerman, Cheryl Rosenberger, MaryDee Sist, Lois-Ann Snyder, Sherran and Jim Sonnemaker, Jay Stone, Carol Waymire

Roberto Forsoni's Ch Mabrooka Saiyah (Sari)
~Paolo Alpini, Ombretta Casazza, Marcello Branca, Michela Benvenuti, Irene Castelli, Utta Moro, Francesco Suma, Carmelito Di Salvo, Claudia Ortali, Anne Macdonald, Elisa Muccini, Simonetta Ronco, Carlo Panizza, Liz-Mari Seiholm Persson, Anders Persson, Roberto Forsoni, Stefania Nardicchi, Sebastiano Forsoni

much loved member of
Cindy Taylor and Brian Barth's family
~Deborah and John Buehler

Cheyenne, Judah, Misty and Choctaw
~Kathleen Donovan

We honor these relations to my beautiful Zahrah, Ch Shahanshah Invisible Touch CGC JC. Remembered with love are Zahrah's littermates (and, with Ru, her special friend)
Ch Shahanshah Hey Jack Kerouac (Jack)
10 April 1995 - 14 April 2007
Breeder and owner, Jean Kadel
SBIS Ch Shahanshah Somthn T'Talkabout JC (Rumor)
10 April 1995 - 29 April 2007
Kevin and Dawn Carlson
Our hearts break for Zahrah's gorgeous daughter, whose life was far too short
Amala Zerdali JC (Claire)
21 July 2002 - 21 April 2007
Cynthia Bethke
Clair's legacy is carried by her sons and daughters, Zahrah's grandpups. We treasure them, as we treasure Claire. With a very heavy heart.
~Amy L. Charles, AMALA Salukis

MaryJane Helder and Starr White's SBIS AmCan Ch Windstorm Lyric An Abd Shalom
July 1993 - May 2006
Sadly missed by her many friends and admirers.
Russ Hathaway, Mike and Carol Rivette, Judith and Tom Lauer, John and Tracey Skupny, Janice Preiss, Montrue Stoner-Townsend, Starr and Randy White, Beverly Griffith, Linda Bade, Scott and Kathy Morton, Greg and Shelley Conrad, The Haag Family, Carole Beyerle, Elizabeth Rowston, Vicky Clarke, Amy L. Charles

Shelly and Greg Conrad's
Am Can Ch Jatara's Touch of Suede
February 1995 - June 2006
Loved and admired by so many.
We will miss you, Suede.
~Russ Hathaway, Beverly Griffith, Joan Aaron, Judith Treuschel, Elizabeth Rowston, MaryJane Helder, Randy and Starr White, Carole Beyerle, Marie Anti, Kris Smith, Amy L. Charles, Lyndell Ackerman, Val Bauer, Mike and Carol Rivette, Thomas Cigolle, Janice Preiss, Montrue Stoner-Townsend, Tom and Judith Lauer, Scott and
Kathy Morton, Rebecca Sickbert and Kira, Cindy Najera, Jean Pennie

Vicky Clarke's Ch Phenix Fire'Ice Ruth, CC, CM
July 1992 - July 2005
Ruthie was admired and adored by all who knew her, at home, on the coursing field and in the show ring. Loving friends offer condolences to Vicky for this sad loss.

Bahia Jamora Phrazier
October 1990 - August 2002
Who is deeply missed as a cherished companion
~Suzanne Morrison Forsyth

Jaqi TerHaar's
Ch Sterling Ebony Silhouette (Daisy)
~Cathy Chapman, Catherine Foley, Joan VanDoornick, Kim Allison, Anne Vigneri, Kevin and Dawn Carlson, Deric Aube, Carol Putman, Arlene Harris, Mary Siegel, Jim and Linda Griffin, Diane Kuzera, Lesley Brabyn, Kim Stewart, Lois Kincaid, Judie Treuschel, Cheryl Rosenberger, Mavis Shellard, Judy Simpson, Marcel Nussbaumer, Franki Kalivoda, Amy Charles, Carol Rivette,
Ingrid Romanowski, Cathy Farrell, Sue Lynch,
Don and Karen Magee, Julie Cotton

Jim and Linda Griffin's Ch Sadik Midnite Flyer
~Cathy Chapman-Sadik Salukis, David and Fiona Bennett, John and Lesley Brabyn, Jaqi TerHaar, Terry Saunders, Jacquelyn and Ron Wassenaar, Vicky Clarke, Jean Beeler, Diane and William Srack, Sharon Kinney-Issibaa Salukis

Kathleen Donovan's Misty and Choctaw
to further the investigation into hemangiosarcoma

Ken and Diana Allan's
Ch Jazirat Bahiyys
from her friends far and near

Two very special companions
who are deeply missed.
Ch Tazi Quest Krizallah
& Ch Tazi Qatar Krizallah
~Tina Henry, The Grant A Wish Foundation

MaryJane and Jack Helder's
Ch Aijalon Hakiim of Shalom (Hakim)
From his many friends and admirers

Deric, Trina and Pierce Aube's Am Can Ch Borghan Crown Blue's Zaayed, JC, LCM
A smile that won't be forgotten

Sue Meier's Ch Batal Carma Sarea Pizazz

Hilary Spence and Norm Stradthdee's
Am Can Ch Windstorm's No Regrets
~Beverly Griffith and Rae Ann Hanna

Trudi Jensen's
Ch El-Shaddai's Esther Shahar, FCh
~Jim and JoAnn Alford, Hounds of Alfora, Marie Moseberth, Carmen and Peter Day, Tina and Dick Jumbelick, Kathy Hawk, Pam Buffington, Anne and George Bearden, Ahsanu Salukis, Anna Meszaros, Jennifer Boswell, Kim Allison

Judy and Tom Lauer's Bogey and Cleo
~Rae Ann Hanna, Lyndell Ackerman, Linda Bade, Jennie and Bob Strayer, Marie Anti, Carol Rivette, MaryJane Helder, Shelly and Greg Conrad,
Ute Lennartz, Starr White, Cindy Taylor,
Beverly Griffith

DJ McClain's Am Can Ch Sarea's Blonde Bombshell JC, CGC, TT (Blondie)
from your many friends

Melinda Bradford’s
Ch Sarea's Direct Hit of Wintuk (Millie)

Ch Darrinna Asaalah (Saalah)
Irla Irwin's beloved companion
and Dusty's beautiful sister and
Ch Dee's Crimson Skylark (Larken)
the gracious and lovely friend of
Linda and David Bade
These ladies were so brave.
~Amy L. Charles

Linda Bade's
Am Can Ch Dee's Crimson Skylark JC (Larken)
Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.
~Carol Rivette, Shelly Conrad, Kathy and Scott Morton, DJ McClain, Russ Hathaway, Tom and
Judy Lauer, MaryJane Helder, Beverly Griffith,
Starr White, Amy L Charles, Jazi TerHAAR

Lyndell Ackerman's Golden Girls
Ch Carma's Drivin' Miss Daisy (Flower)
& Ch Carma's Some Like it Hot (Sizzle)
From your numerous friends and many admirers

who could not have had a more
devoted and caring friend
~Lori Doering

Beverly Griffith's
Ch Sarea's Right on Target (Laser)
from his many friends

Jackie Harrington's
Ch Sundown's Tip of Jatara (Tip)
~Tina Turley

Cloris Costigan's
Ch Shareco Towyam Dji-Windfire
~Joyce and David Soowall

Kathleen Morton's Phoenix,
AmCan Ch Sandstorm's Inherit the Wind, CGC
~Maureen Clark, MaryJane Helder, Amy Charles, Starr White, Jackie Harrington, Lisa Constable, Beverly Griffith, Greg and Shelley Conrad, Carol Rivette, Marie Anti, Jackie Wassenaar

Kim Allison's
Ch El-Shaddai's Aijleth Shahar (Aija)
~Tina and Dick Jumbelick, Greg and Shelley Conrad, Montrue Stoner-Townsend, Ron and Elizabeth Crait, Marie Anti, Peter and Carmen Day, Judah and the kids, Amy Charles, Carol Rivette, Beverly Griffith, Starr White, Mary Jane Helder

Deric and Trina Aube's BIS Can/Am Ch Z'Bee's Khantinental Khannor (Khannor)
~Pam Arwood, Darrell and Karen Black, Melinda Bradford, Jackie Harrington, Lin Jenkins, Linda Bade, Montrue Stoner-Townsend, Beverly Griffith, Judy and Tom Lauer and friends of Khannor

Carol Mujsce's DC Xanadu's Subiqa, FCh
~Joyce and David Soowall, Judy Tantillo,
Carol Fisher, Karen and Michael Lorenzo,
Jean and Richard Pennie

Deric and Trina Aube's
Ch Desert Rose Al-Qahirah Z'Bee (Qahirah)
~Tom and Judy Lauer and Shelley Conrad

Carol and Mike Rivette's
Ch Desert Rose Sarea Masai (Masai)
~Deric and Trina Aube, Beverly Griffith, Lynne Daurelle, Shelley and Greg Conrad, Carole Beyerle, Jaqi TerHAAR, Judy and Tom Lauer, Janice Preiss, Linda Bade, Deb Lines, Cindy Najera, Claudia Jakus

Dennis Schmidt and Michael Bell's
Ch Dadaelis Ra'she Indochine
~Don and Marie Adams, Helen and Bob Stein,
Jean Rhodes, Lori Grootemaat, Kevin Carlson,
Lois Snyder, Barbara King, Amy Charles,
Diana Farmer, Lorraine Lilley, Sharon Pearce,
Jean Schaeffer, Michael Bell, Dennis Schmidt

Don and Marie Adam's
FC Celeres Firebrand of Aerie, SC, LCM 7
honoring his outstanding coursing achievements from his many admirers and the ASFA

Cimmarron Raharia Royale (Paharia)
& Ch Darrinna Absaru Min 'Uqqaabin (Gabe)
~Amy Charles

Montrue Stoner-Townsend's
SBIS Ch Batal Ivory Idolmaker
from his many friends. Our thoughts are with you Montrue, and we know that Caveat will always be with you in spirit.

Carol Mujsce’s Ellaura's Misty Morning
by Charles Peek’s Ch Shaseis PT Barnum Broadway and Joyce Soowal’s Ellaura's
Shareco Shams
~Carol Mujsce

Lois Kincaid's Cooper
by loving friends so someday others
might win the battle

Jennie Strayer's
Am Can Ch Pharout Dances with Frogs
by her loving friends

Jackie Harrington's Ch Jatara's Irish Krystl
from those loving friends
who will cherish her always

Beverly Griffith's
Ch Clarinda Sunna Sarea Bashir
from his many admirers

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