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How do
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for Saluki studies?


Your tax-deductible donations, made payable to SHR Inc, should be sent to

MaryDee Sist DVM
1629 Meech Road
Williamston, MI 48895


2004 Annual Meeting
& President's Report

November 28, 2004

The annual meeting of SHR was held at the MSU Livestock Pavilion, East Lansing, Michigan. The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM. Nancy Badra and MaryDee Sist were present. James Steckley and William Schall were available via phone and email.

The minutes of the previous board meeting were approved and accepted into the corporate records. All board members agreed to extend their terms of office.

Treasurer's Report: presentation and approval of financial report for the year

Secretary's Report: the SHR web site has been updated - due to the advertising on the site finding an alternative site will be investigated

President's Report - update of current projects:

Cardiac Hemangiosarcoma and pathology project - Dr Bell was back in Michigan in October. He examined six additional Saluki hearts to be included in the cancer study. We discussed the feasibility of him continuing with the project since he will be on staff at the University of Arizona. We had a long discussion about the HSA work being done in Dr. Modiano's laboratory. The possibility of a collaborative effort using our data for publication was discussed.

Cancer samples will continue to be collected and histologically examined by Dr. Steficheck. However, with the expansion of her responsibilities, samples will have to be banked and examined when time permits. We discussed the need to have immunohistochemical analysis done on samples due to the finding of some undifferentiated soft tissue sarcomas.

Erica Werne of the CHF will contact me about the possibility of participating in funding of any cancer studies. We are exploring the possibility of a dedicated Saluki HSA project with Dr. Modiano.

Samples of HSA Salukis and relatives continue to stored for future DNA analysis. A final permission/waiver form has been drawn up by Jeff Lipps.

Saluki Health website and phone inquiries continue with information on the studies mailed or faxed and consultation on specific problems with the owners and their veterinarians.

It was decided that a fund raising effort at the 2005 SCOA National Specialty will not be conducted. However, there is a possibility of holding an auction at the Western Regional in October 2005.

Due to time constraints, studies are not ready to be submitted for publication.

Due to very disappointing owner participation, we decided not to do an annual Saluki health survey.

We still do not have all the cancer incidence questionaires returned so the evaluation of the potential risk factors (both genetic and environmental) for the Salukis with hemangiosarcoma cannot be analyzed.

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