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Your tax-deductible donations, made payable to SHR Inc, should be sent to

MaryDee Sist DVM
1629 Meech Road
Williamston, MI 48895


Facing the possibility of cancer in your Saluki is always devastating. However, your willingness to have your Saluki participate in ongoing cancer studies has the potential to save the lives of future generations of our dear dogs.

The Saluki heart pathology study showed
a high incidence of cancers in the examined Salukis. To further explore this, SHR Inc. is continuing to accept suspected malignant tissue samples for microscopic examination and diagnosis by a pathologist. This Saluki Tumor Registry, funded by donations to SHR, will document the incidence of various cancers in our Saluki population. The registry and tissue bank will be a valuable resource for future cancer DNA analysis. Unfixed cancer samples and blood samples are also needed for other cancer studies. If you have any questions about any of the studies, e-mail me, MaryDee Sist, DVM,
at or phone me
at 517-655-1354 or 517-353-6643.

How do I donate samples?

Fixed tissue
When your Veterinarian has removed
or biopsied any suspected cancer or growth, send a section or the tumor to
me for a histological diagnosis and inclusion in the study. The sample needs to be processed as would be done for
any biopsy submission - preserved in
10% buffered formalin.
Send a pedigree along with owner contact information, identification of the Saluki (name, sex and date of birth) and the signed permission form available to the right. Include a description of the mass (affected tissue, size and growth rate, location and how long it had been present). A report will be sent to the
Saluki owner and the tissue, identified
by number and diagnosis, will be banked for future analysis.
Send the fixed sample via regular mail
to MaryDee Sist, DVM, SHR, Inc.,
1629 Meech Rd., Williamston, MI 48895

Blood samples
If your Saluki has been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, an autoimmune condition or has a severe health issue, a blood sample is useful.
The DNA from your dog can be added to the Saluki DNA bank, which will be stored for future analysis by researchers looking for genetic markers for these conditions.
Please include documentation of the health condition. Have your veterinarian collect 3 to 6 mls blood in an EDTA (purple top) tube and ship it to me at 1629 Meech Rd., Williamston, MI 48895 via priority mail. Call 517-655-1354 to let me know when
S to expect the sample. Include the signed permission form with pertinent history (available on right).

When submitting a sample, please include a signed permission form containing owner contact information, Saluki’s registered and call name, date of birth, sex, and pedigree (form available on the right).

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