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2003 Annual Meeting
& President's Report

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM November 17, 2003.

Present were MaryDee Sist, DVM, President and Nancy Badra, Secretary. James Steckley, Treasurer and William Schall, DVM were present via teleconference.

Minutes from the May 2003 Annual Meeting were read and approved. The corporate records were reviewed and approved. All officers agreed to renew their terms of office.

Treasurer's Report, James Steckley: SHR's fiscal year end financial accounting report will be submitted in June 2004.

Secretary's Report, Nancy Badra: The SHR, Inc. website is up and running. Several new articles have been added as well as periodically updating the donor lists. Announcements have been sent to Saluki-L and SalukiFriends lists each time new information has been added to the website.

President's Report, MaryDee Sist, DVM: A meeting with James Steckley was held on Aug. 26. 2003 regarding the completion of SHR's application regarding its public support status and required documentation necessary to retain tax exempt status with the IRS. The application was prepared and submitted. Tax exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) as a public charity was granted to SHR, Inc. on Oct.02, 2003.

I was fortunate to attend the AKC/CHF Health Seminar in St. Louis in September as a representative of the SCOA. A report on the meeting is included and was published in the SCOA Newsletter. I also attended the AKC/CHF Cancer Seminar in Seattle in Sept. which allowed me to explore avenues for continuing investigations of the cancer incidence in Salukis with the scientists actively engaged in cancer research.

Dr. Schall continues to meet with me monthly to assist in preparing the Saluki study results for journal publication.

SHR, Inc. will once again have information available to the fancy at the 2004 SCOA National Specialty at the Egyptian Event at the Kentucky Horse Park in June. The booth will be located in the Tobacco barn with the vendors.

Approximately 20 SHR, Inc. website inquiries have been answered with Saluki specific information distributed via email and most resulted in mailing information in the last 6 months. I continue to consult via telephone on a few Saluki medical inquiries each month.

An SHR update was submitted for publication in the SCOA Newsletter and is included. The Canadian Kennel Club asked for information about Saluki health issues and how these were being studied. What was submitted for publication is included.

A new Compac laptop computer and software has been purchased and will greatly aid in the answering of inquiries and distribution of information.

Old Business

Cardiac Hemangiosarcoma and Pathology Study with Dr. Tom Bell - progress is being made on the draft to be submitted for publication.

Saluki Tumor Registry - 10 additional tumor samples have been histologically examined and classified by Dr. Barb Steficheck and banked for future research. We will continue to collect and bank Saluki cancer samples with the goal of maintaining a tumor registry for future DNA analysis. We are also trying to bank flash frozen tumor samples. A notice requesting tumor sample submission was published in the ASA Newsletter and is included.

Dr. John Gerlach is continuing to bank blood DNA samples from Salukis with suspected hemangiosarcoma for future analysis. DNA from other breeds has also been banked as a means of exploring cluster incidences of hemangiosarcoma.

University of Texas Saluki Genealogy Study - pedigree analysis of the

significant sire influence is under way by Dr. Terry King. She has completed the environmental influence survey and approximately half have been filled out by the owners of Salukis that died of hemangiosarcoma. When these are completed she can proceed with the epidemiological analysis.

The DNA permission/waiver form is being revised.

New Business

Saluki DNA samples stored in Dr. Gerlach's lab need to be inventoried and logged.

The feasibility of conducting a joint SCOA/SHR Health Survey according to AKC/CHF guidelines was discussed and approved.

The feasibility of holding a fund raising auction at the 2004 SCOA National Specialty was discussed and approved.

Proposed Projects

Investigating Saluki hemangiosarcomas at a molecular diagnostic level with MSU's oncologist Dr. Barb Kitchell

Offering a CHF Hemangiosarcoma Saluki specific grant to encourage submissions from researchers for funding Annual Newsletter

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Badra

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