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How do
I donate samples
for Saluki studies?


Your tax-deductible donations, made payable to SHR Inc, should be sent to

MaryDee Sist DVM
1629 Meech Road
Williamston, MI 48895


2011 Annual Meeting
& President's Report

The annual meeting of SHR, Inc. was held at the
MSU Livestock Pavilion, East Landing, MI at 1 PM, Sat. Dec. 3, 2011. Officers and board members attended either in person, by telephone or the internet. Various discussions and actions included:

The corporate records for the year June 2010 thru May 2011 were approved. All board members (Vicky Clarke, Linda Scanlon and Nancy Badra) and officers (Jim Steckley, Bill Schall and Linda Scanlon) agreed to continue in their positions and terms of office. The Treasurers report for the corporate year ending May 31, 2011 was approved. The secretarys report stated that Vicky Clarke has updated the SHR web site as needed which has facilitated dissemination of information much more quickly and with less mailing needed. Presidents report:

AKC Canine Health Foundation

Two new AKC Canine Health Foundation Grants were funded:
Grant #1268: Investigation to identify genes associated with canine immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, Lorna Kennedy, University of Manchester, UK. Grant #1429: Mechanistic Relationship of IL-8 in Cell Proliferation and Survival of Canine Hemangiosarcoma, Jaime Modiano, University of Minnesota. Summaries of the CHF progress reports (received 7/10 #947B, #908; 8/10 #1335A; 9/10 #947A; 12/10 #908, #1268; 1/11 #1131 and 3/11 #1335A), were published in the Spring (p.62-63), Summer (p.29), Fall (p. 42-43) and Winter 2010 (p.81-83) ASA Newsletters. Cancer DNA studies:

We continue to request that fresh hemangiosarcoma biopsy samples be sent to Dr. Modianos laboratory and the Van Andel Institute. Unfortunately, most Salukis are diagnosed on post-mortem examination so participation in these studies is very limited. The continuation of histological examination and banking of Saluki cancer samples with Dr. Barbara Steficheck at Michigan State University resulted in receiving only 13 tissue samples. A pilot study, initiated by Dr. Barb Kitchell, head of Oncology, MSU, questioning whether oxygen sensoring in tissues could be a unique contributor to hemangiosarcoma development in the heart of Salukis was conducted. The cardiologist, Dr. Sanders, performed detailed Doppler examinations during a cardiac ultrasound on 3 Salukis and 3 Clumber Spaniels. The results showed no measurable differences in blood flow rates or distributions. Publications:

Spring 2010 ASA Newsletter (p.61) contained an article about the Dr. Mark Neffs Saluki Genetics Study at the Van Andel Institute and an overview of the seminar he presented at the SCOA National Show entitled: Genetics as a lens for viewing the unique biology of the Saluki. Heart Conditions and the Saluki Heart Pathology Study (originally published in the Baraka Book, Autumn-Winter 2001) were published in the Summer 2010 ASA Newsletter (p.20-26). Saluki Health website, phone and email inquiries continue. Information distribution via the internet and SHR website has increased the efficiency and hopefully allowed access to more Saluki fanciers. Continued discussion s need to take place on what areas of research are important to the well being of Salukis and need to be funded.

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